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Our goal in Zamibia is to promote development, sustainability, and growth in, one of Africa’s most promising economies. We are dedicated to generating long-term value for our clients, partners, and the Zambian communities where we operate

To that end, we are deeply passionate about collaborations and investing in sustainable infrastructure. We are currently working on the construction of a 50 MW solar grid in Zambia because we believe that renewable energy has the potential to completely change the infrastructure of Africa.

The Heads of Terms for the Power Purchase Agreement encompassing the 40 MW are currently being negotiated. By the first quarter of 2024, Strom hopes to achieve financial close on Phase 1, which covers 10 MW.

This project will not only give the nation access to clean, dependable energy but also jobs, economic growth, and a reduction in the nation’s carbon impact. To make sure that our initiatives meet the needs and ambitions of the Zambian people, we are committed to collaborating closely with regional communities, stakeholders, and regulatory organizations.

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