Our Company

Who We Are

We are an infrastructure development and management company that was founded on the principle of a truly African connection inspired by a passion for partnerships, progress, and the growth of the continent

Our purpose is to harness the power of working infrastructure so that every African can achieve their dreams

Our Mission

Inspire the socioeconomic development of Africa by managing and investing in infrastructure assets across the continent

Our Vision

To become the leading infrastructure firm in Africa, driving sustainable economic growth, one working infrastructure at a time

Our Values

Creating Shared Value for Partners across Emerging Markets with the Strom 5 P's



In all we do, we prioritize people. Whether they are our customers, our colleagues, or residents of the communities in which we operate, we believe that the success of the people we deal with is what ultimately determines our own



Zero emissions is where we’re going. We have a strong commitment to preserving the environment and guarding the earth. Sustainability, in our opinion, benefits not only the environment but also our company and its stakeholders. We use resources wisely, cut back on waste, and limit our carbon footprint



We believe that Africa and its people have a lot of promise. When others see problems, we see opportunities, and we are dedicated to using innovative infrastructure solutions to help the continent reach its full potential.
By investing in infrastructure, we foster prosperity and economic growth while also enhancing the quality of life for millions of people



We are committed to fostering shared prosperity. We are dedicated to providing infrastructure solutions that boost economic activity, create jobs, and enhance the quality of life for residents in the communities in which we operate



We are dedicated to advancing the sector and are continually searching for fresh, creative solutions to the most complicated infrastructure challenges. In order to satisfy the changing requirements of our clients and the communities in which we work, we are constantly learning, developing, and adapting

Our Team

We have an end-to-end solutions driven team in the infrastructure value chain that creates value for our stakeholders

Meet the outstanding people who make STROM successful. Our multifaceted team of experts combines knowledge from numerous backgrounds and works collaboratively to promote significant value and provide long-lasting solutions. Learn more about the enthusiasm of our team members

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