Strom Independence Day FoodBank Initiative

In furthering our commitment to work hand-in-hand with local and regional communities where we work to build stronger alliances through educational programs and developments initiatives, on Sunday, October 1st 2023 as the nation marked it’s 63rd Independence Day Celebration, we honoured and recognised 100 families of those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the safety and well-being of the country through our Strom Foodbank initiative. 

October 1 is a notable date in the history of Nigeria, and we used the significance of the day to add value directly to the families with boxes of foodstuff, gifts and other items. It was a day of joy, love and we heard testimonies of families in appreciation of our foundation.

Beneficiary Families
N 0 m
Worth of foodstuffs and
gifts distributed
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Spent on foundation

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